Review 1603

Nelsonia is, according to the author, “a step into the mind of an insane lunatic”, which certainly had me preparing myself for absolutely anything as I began to explore this weblog.

Through a year and a half worth of entries,
reading through this site allows readers to work their way through the author’s life. In a self-described depression at the beginning of entries back in March of 2001, entries involve love and the heartache it so often involves.

Short poems, narratives, brief essays, and the
occassional personal journal entry are posted on a regular basis. Now you can find a semi-regularly updated section called “Insomnia: Musings From the Dark” along the side of the site that gives you a more personal update on what’s going on with the author.

The bio section that the author was “pressured” into creating is definitely worth checking out to give you a clear understanding on where he’s coming from, what he’s like, and what he’s going through. All of these things also come out eventually in different weblog entries.

The design of the site isn’t anything flashy. It’s done in colors I found to be serene and the layout focuses on what the purpose of the site is – the writing.

This weblog is “real”. The writing is genuine,
it’s from the author’s heart and head, but it’s not so personal that other people can’t connect through those writings.

It’s hard to critique a weblog like Nelsonia and I almost feel like my words aren’t exactly fair. While the words touched me in specific ways and pulled at specific emotional strings, I can’t make a promise to the next reader that it will effect them in the same manner. However, I strongly suggest checking this site out to see if you can connect in the same method I was able to.