Review 1588

This site follows a classic “splash page to menu” design, and has a nice and clean look. The design is laid out nicely, flash is used appropriately, and the site, overall, is very attractive. Themes (hot chocolate) are used well throughout, as well. The problem?

This site has no “Blog” element to it as of writing. I looked through all the links and found nothing in the way of a Weblog at all. The closest you get is the “News” section. The News section does have a layout suggesting that it uses a Weblog engine (such as Blogger, Greymatter, etc), but it is simply used for news concerning the site and it’s subject, author Garrett Diamond. Unless the content of this section changes, this site contains no Weblog whatsoever. If the author of the site has decided to begin a Weblog, then this very well might be a site with a much, much higher rating. However, as it is now, I can not give a non-Weblog site a high rating on a Weblog review.

Having said that, the site itself is wonderful. There are links to music, poetry, video, artwork, and more concerning the author the site is about. And, like I said in the opening paragraph, it is well laid out and designed. So, if you enjoy eclectic writing, music, and so forth then check out this site. However, if you go here to see a Weblog, you best try something else.HOTCHOCOLATE.TV

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