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There were a few different weblogs at Trommetter Times, and quite literally, these were weblogs for all ages. Jason’s weblog focuses the typical weblog-reading audience, if there is such a thing, while Rachel covers those younger weblog browsers with her chronicle of School Days in the 1st grade. The two of them combined have started “Scrapblog”, which features random pictures of nearly everything.

Jason’s recent revenge to telemarketers may prove to be quite entertaining, and the regularly posted links he provides to external news sources are all very well chosen and used appropriately.

Publishing to this weblog since April 2000, Jason’s been a dependable source of daily news links, and brief narratives of what might be going on in his life. You don’t get a chance to feel deeply attached through reading each entry, but you do get the idea that Jason’s a laid back, friendly type of guy.

Over time, the site’s archives all have different color schemes. The overall design of the site is that of a typical Movable Type template, but it works well with the concept behind the site.

Also included on this weblog is the “Daily Manna”. Today’s Daily Manna was a scripture from the Bible. While Jason may be proud of his religion, and enjoy spreading the Word to others, he doesn’t go about it in a forceful manner throughout the site, which is always very much appreciated.

Of course, Jason’s daughter, Rachel, has one of the cutest weblogs I’ve ever seen. Between she and her proud dad, it’s refreshing to read a 1st graders point of view or just basic daily happenings from someone of that age. The pictures and other school projects that are included are quite adorable, and add a great touch to Rachel’s version of weblogging.

For most people, I would venture to say this isn’t a weblog you’ll find yourself wrapped up in, visiting multiple times in one day just to see if Jason’s made any more updates, but it is a site that is certainly worth visiting to see if this is your type of weblog. It’s a good overall site to bury yourself in for a while.The Trommetter Times

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