Review 1533

“There’s no moral to this story, it’s just a bunch of stuff that happened.” And isn’t that what the best weblogs are all about? That’s exactly what is about, and Jay, the author of this weblog, even uses those exact words to describe it.

Jay is a college student. And while some of the entries you’ll read do involve the college life, they’re more than just the typical “he said, she said” and “oh my god, i hate this class” type of entries. Personally, I felt like I was just listening to a friend or acquaintence talk about his day and what he felt was worth sharing. The conversations that Jay writes about, with their accuracy and details, often left me actually “hearing” the conversation as it took place.

I immediately liked the menu bar at the top. It appears as a strip of negatives, with each different image leading to a clearly defined portion of the rest of the site. A very neat idea, and one that’s carried out splendidly.

The archives go all the way back to February 2001, with each entry being just as entertaining as the current ones.

Jay writes in a very straight forward fashion. His writing leaves an impression of a very down to earth, likeable guy who really knows how to have a good time. And that knack for having a good time is yet another thing that makes reading this weblog fun and entertaining.

I would highly suggest visiting, especially if you’re looking for a website to live vicariously through.


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