Review 1530

Admittedly it was the Blog’s name that first managed to grasp my attention, the feeling that this person may, in all of his piglet kicking glory, be a kindred spirit (alas poor Pooh). Even upon clicking to enter the Site, much managed to hold my normally short attention span.

Unfortunately it is only recently that Evil Dave has commenced posting once more having risen out of a depressive mire that would appear to have been brought on by England’s defeat by Brazil in the World Cup (at least it is there about in time that his postings ceased), but thankful we may be at the resumption of his humour filled banter.

Attractive (assuming that you will not enter into an anaphylactic shock upon viewing the colour purple in all of its royal glory), well laid out and easy to navigate, filled with entertainment from the mouse-over effects of the logo to the navigation features to the instructions as to how one may play paper/scissors/rock by ones self.

Well worth a visit for the entertaining read, quiz and games that his evil mind has managed to conjure from its depths.


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