Review 1527

“Peace of Imperfection” is the description of this site. I was immediately drawn into by the most recent entry which was a detailed description of the writer’s encounter with 3 small girls, all sisters who were craving his attention. The entry read very much like a journal, or a story taken out of someone’s life which is how most of this site read like.

Jeff, the writer created this site back in November of last year. I read through most of what was on the main page and some of the posts were very detailed about whatever moment he was recalling. I liked his writing a lot because it felt like I could understand and see where he was coming from emotionally and not just what was on the surface of him. He ponders a lot, but does have posts in between about things he’s seen or read online, to your daily thoughts about things you need to do or what funny thing happened on the way to the store.

As far as the layout goes, it’s a Blogger template but one of the better ones. There a links to his “daily reads” and links to some photography and poetry of his.

I really enjoyed reading this site mostly because there’s a nice balance of writing offered here. I wasn’t bored at all and really liked his writing style. This is a must visit.KaneBlues

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