Review 1527

“Quiet” is the first thing that comes to mind when looking at Kane Blues for the first time. If this blog had a sound I imagine it would be white noise. I thought maybe Kane Blues would be a quiet and introspective blog. I was right.

The writer of Kane Blues has a calming writing style. She is detailed – not in a Hemingway-like way, but in a descriptive yet fleeting way. She has a lot to say, and is thoughtful. Good writing, and insightful commentary are the rule here. Good job!

Kane Blues is a very simply designed journal. Sometimes simple is boring, but in the case of Kane Blues that’s not what’s going on. Of course, I wouldn’t call it exciting or interesting, either. But it’s very functional and not unpleasant to look at. And it has excellent navigation, which I appreciate more than anyone can know. The only thing I can really complain about is the main logo graphic – the font is slightly hard to read.

There aren’t a lot of extras at Kane Blues, but the extras that are present are well worth a visit. There’s a link to the writer’s poetry and an excellent photoblog.

I would likely come back for another read of Kane Blues. It’s good writing with a very reflective feel to it.

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