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I love Monkeys. This is probably why the name of this site, MonkeyReview, stood out in my mind. I mean, don’t we all want a Monkey?

Anyhow, this site is a Review website mostly concerned with PC Gaming. It has reviews on Hardware, Software (mostly games), tips and tricks concerning PC configuration, as well as movie reviews. The reviews are well done and relatively professional. The articles, as a whole, are quite informative and helpful as well. Overall, the written (content) part of the site is quite well done. I, personally, would visit this site in order to gather information on the gaming scene if I was still seriously involved in it.

The design is also well done. There is nothing revolutionary about it, but that is what you want in a News related site such as this. It has a classic PHPNuke (and other content management system) layout with left rails containing the basic links, a menu and quickfind on top, a main content middle section, and a category listing (Game Reviews, Software reviews, Movie Reviews, etc), poll, and other features on the right rails. Clean, well laid out, and uncluttered. It is easy to find what you want on this site.

There seems to be a bundle of content available to peruse on this site as well as a viable community involved, which is always a plus. Myself, I would probably head back to check out some of the PC configuration articles. If you like computers, and games on said computers, most likely you will find something here for you.

On a side note, this is not what I would call a traditional Weblog. It is more of a News site (original news site, not a news linking site like many news Weblogs). Still, the news is laid out in a Weblog fashion, it is well written, and it is updated routinely. The News also does not simply concern the site, but the topic of the site as a whole.

So, altogether, this site is incredibly worthwhile to anyone who is involved in the gaming scene. A lot of work has gone into this site and it shows. It is a very clean and professional site, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes the gaming scene.MonkeyReview

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