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This is probably the most interesting (and enlightening) blog I’ve reviewed. I was at first taken aback by the bald guy in make up background but if you read the blog you’ll understand that.

In his blog’s first post the author; Sean, states: “I’m 21 and gay. I’m not in the closet, I’m not confused, and I’m not contemplating suicide.” I knew immediatley this was going to be a good one. As a heterosexual guy I hoped this blog would give me insight into what life is like, on a day to day basis, for a homosexual male. The author post regularly, pretty much on a daily basis. There is a a break for a few months, but after the author picks it back up, there aren’t any large gaps in posts.

The author posts about pretty much everything that is going on in his life; work, love life, family, friends, all very honestly. Sean is definatly not posting for an audience but using his blog as a real journal. I found the posts about his mother the most touching. Once I started reading I couldn’t stop and spent most of the afternoon reading entry after entry. Some entries are hilarious i.e. the 3/14/02 (80’s day at work) begins; “At work. So Here I sit as Boy George.” The blog does touch on discrimination (in the form of a banana ornament, the whole incident is just priceless, a must read). Sean’s blog also has something most blogs don’t. Suspense. The author takes an HIV test and I found myself skipping ahead a week in posts because I couldn’t stand to not know the results.

I give this blog a high score because through reading his site I felt I knew the author, and by the way he wrote it, you can’t help but feel some of what the author is going through, ups and downs.

One other interesting note. After reading most of the journal I realized the author and this reviewer actually work for the same company but in different states. Sean wisely does not name the company he works for (that has led people into more trouble than it is worth). That didn’t affect my review though, I had already decided that this blog was getting a high rating. Just shows you well this site is written.

The site design was nice and easy to navigate. I had no trouble using both Internet Explorer, and Netscape. There is a guestbook, archives, a photo section, no broken links, this site pretty much has it all.

In summary, this is a ‘page turner’. I’ll add Freeze The Flame to my favorites list, and if you read this blog, I think you will too. Four and a half stars, check it out.

freeze the flame

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