Review 1498 is an odd conundrum of links, poems, musings, thoughts and links. I was a little nervous when I first went to the site and was greeted with a yellow hyperlink, which led me to believe that a long load time for a flash application was awaiting me, but thankfully I was spared from that. It wasn’t a flash application but a background that needed to load.

I really can’t describe the site enough to classify it into one category. The blog postings are intermittent with the author even stating in one that he is not sure if he wants to write that day. Some posts are jokes or useless facts while others provide nothing more than links to sites the author found interesting. When the author does give his own personal commentary, the writing is light and fanciful and sorely missed on the rest of the site.

There are links to poetry by the Mr. Hayes which is okay, but that is a heavily biased statement (something I own up to immediately) because I am not a big poetry person. Therefore, other people may enjoy it more than I did. There is another link called “house” which takes you to a site with various other links that for a garden design or a “mantle” or “direct vents.” There really seems to be no reason for this unless the author is building his dream home. If he is, it would be nice to have that written somewhere on the main “house” page to let you, the reader, know that.

Even more annoying was the box where the links to the various sections of the site was located. It could be that my screen wasn’t large enough to prevent it from covering a logo for the site. I could tell that there was writing under this box, but never got to see what it said until I clicked on “feedback” and the box dropped. I was expecting something grand to be behind there (perhaps more links) but I was disappointed to find nothing of real interest.

The links are nice, but I would like more original content.

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