Review 1495

Being the sort of person who browses Blogger’s recent-updates list in terms of what has the most interesting title, I just had to look into a blog with a name like “Viking Funeral.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to live up to that name when you get there.

The blog’s purpose appears to be to spoof pop culture. I might have had an easier time with the most recent post at review time – dated in April – if I’d been around to see the beginning of that particular story. The posts not related to that apparent serial didn’t seem to grab my attention.

The owner appears to be using a standard Blogger template. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that – I use one myself – it might help brighten up the place if they changed it to something that isn’t gray.

There is a large gap in time between archived dates, lack of recent posts put aside. On top of that, only the last two pages actually have anything on them. There were no other special features available.

This blog was a fairly underwhelming experience for me. If you feel like you might be able to get into it, go ahead and check it out. However, if you want to take my advice on it, this blog isn’t really worth the time.
Viking Funeral

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