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Luckily, an immediately explanation at the top of explains what’s going on with this weblog and it’s purpose- “Bill Zepernick’s Peace Corps experiences in Central Asia (Kazakhstan, starting June 7, 2002, and Uzbekistan, from 08-15-01 to 10-03-01, and all other things in between!”

Throughout the inception of this weblog, Bill gives us a detailed description of what it’s like to prepare for the Peace Corps. And from what I read, it’s not an easy task at all. From March 2001, this weblog details the preparation of Bill’s planned Peace Corp journeys in Central Asia.

Recently, Bill hasn’t been able to post to his weblog from his current location in Uzbekisten since early June. Instead, recent letters from Bill back home are posted in a “letters and updates” portion of the website.

There’s a great deal of information throughout this site including some photos of Bill’s preparation to ship out to Central Asia, information about both Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and ever informative links covering even more information about the Peace Corps, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan.

Some of the links in the archived entries that refer to a specific document Bill wants readers to look at are no longer valid. I was slightly disappointed with this, because reading the story of Bill’s work led me to want to find out more about exactly what he was talking about and being able to view those links and/or documents would have greatly assisted in that.

I’ve never read a weblog quite like this one, but certainly enjoyed the in depth way in which Bill, currently in Kazakhstan, shared his trials and tribulations of preparing to join the ranks of the Peace Corps. It’s worth stopping by this weblog just to get a general idea of the time and efforts one has to put in just to travel the world with the Peace Corps.BillZep

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