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Wicked Persephone – We Have Brains is a feminist centered blog that works to “deal with questions of feminism.” Twice a month a topic is posted on the site as well as through their email list. By looking through their archives, their topics have broached the second and third generation feminists as well as other interesting topics such as “music that defines you” and body image.

April, the author of the site, has a DAZZLING writing style. She is witty, articulate, and knows what she saying without having to revert to fifty-cent university words to make her point. It is written so that everyone that comes there (feminist or not) can relate to her and her point of view. Her writing does not alienate those who do not share her view points but rather she acknowledges them and incorporates them into her writing to prove that she not only understands their positions but respects them as well. Trust me that is no easy task and April handles it with ease.

The site’s design is a nice purplish-mauve-ish color which looks great. With links on the right to guide to you to how the blog started, why it started, and the “rules” of this effort, it’s an easy navigable design that works. My only (and this is so minor) complaint is that the responses to some of April’s fabulous questions aren’t printed in the blog. Most people have taken to posting their replies on their own site which means you must click through to another site to read a response.

Like I said…this writing is fabulous and April has a great site on her hands. I really hope that everything works for her and Wicked Persephone.

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