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There were things that I liked and didn’t like about this website…

Marc Cramer, who is sometimes referred to as “Cosmo” which I found funny, has lived in New Zealand a good part of his life and recently he has moved up to United Kingdom where he was born and currently living in London and has been with his wife for the past few years.

When I began reading this site, I was a little confused about the navigation. In general you can get around this site okay, however, it can be better. I’m sure it’s mainly because the writer has just moved from MT to a different weblogging called, pMachine. I think he’s still trying to sort out the bugs of his site.

The name of the “blog” is called “marc cramer’s photography website” which doesn’t seem 100% appropriate. When I was reading through the archives, photography was not the dominant subject in his posts. He mentions things related to photography, but mostly it’s an average blog where the writer posts their thoughts about things going on in their life. To me, it would seem more appropriate to called it “marc cramer’s weblog” so he doesn’t confuse his readers too much. But he seems like a cool and funny guy from what he writes.

Another thing, which I didn’t like too much, is you have to register to make comments on his posts in his new blog. Even though it takes a minute to probably register, I would find it a hassle to do … but then that’s just my opinion.

He does have a separate site on his photography, which is quite good I must say. Speaking as someone who has taken some photography classes, the composition, tones and colors of some photos are done wonderfully. I’m sure if you’re into photography, you’ll appreciate his work as much as I do.

The layout itself is nice, though some organization is in need here. The site’s not flashy or anything, but a simple, round-ish type layout is what you’ll find here with a blue theme.

He needs to work on a few things, but I’m sure the site will be as slick as his photography within a week or so. I give it a rating of a 3.5Marc’s Musings

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