Review 1465 centers around out author Wojtek who fills his blogs with information from entertainment news, links, sci-fi and the odd humour post. Did I also mention that’s he a keen football supporter too? Just reading the first few entries its quite evident out man like his game of football, and by his light-hearted, almost comical way of putting this across, you don’t have to like football to like

The posts are all top-notch reading, as mentioned above they cover a broad area of topics, which I believe helps avoid the blog become stale and one-dimensional. I think some of the topics are terrific, for example we’re given a Book Review of Desperation by Stephen King, which is kind of in the form of a brief book report, as well as more technical issues such as ISBN number (in case your thinking of buying it). I have to say I enjoyed reading through a lot, if not all, of the site.

The design is very well done, not over the top, but simple blogging with a menu on the right hand side. Colours all work well and the site doesn’t have that cluttered feelings that most blogs have. The large bolded heading also help break up the blog, they stand out and usually descriptive enough to give you some idea about what the post is about.

One thing I was really impressed with was the way all the post are categorized by subject, for example footie, links, sci-fi and so forth. This meant you also had the option of sorting the site by subject, a nice, useful feature. Archive, comments and links are we’re within mouse point reach.

All up did enough to impress me to want to come back, its clean, its readable and most importantly, its just plain good. I give two thumbs up and a 4 out of 5 and urge you all to have a look.

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