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“nothing to see here” is a refreshing look into the life of a Bostonian. The website has a very clean design with the current day’s entry on the first page and a link to the past entries at the bottom. The design is simple and effective letting the reader quickly get where they need or want to go without much confusion.

Upon arrive at “nothing to see here” I was immediately thrust into the author’s journey on the Northeast AIDS Ride. He does a nice job of employing his own personal commentary on his ride and why he does while juxtaposing against why others ride – for those that they know who have passed, to prove that the disease has no hold on them, or even for some good karma to come their way because they sold “one of their Porches” to participate. The archived entries employ the same style of writing that lets the reader into the author’s life as well as have a few laughs with him.

With the blog come pictures of the authors recent trips to London and Iceland (making me vow that I will make it to Iceland sooner or later) and links to the author’s favorite sites and even his music of choice. I have noticed how people on their blogs mention what people are reading, watching or listening to…however this is the first one that let’s us know what they have RECENTLY read/watched/listened to…Kim Newman’s Life’s Lottery seems like an interesting read and I’m going to check that one out…

All in all…this is a nice, clean site with a sense of humor.
nothing to see here

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