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Putting this site into a category was rather hard to do. It could be classified as a political site (more on this later), it could be considered an educational site, but the Personal category best describes this site.

First thing I must say is that this site is not for everyone. So why did I give it a rating of a 5 if it is not for everyone? Very simple; this is by far one of the best sites I have ever read. I can connect with a lot of the ideas and views that are published on this weblog. And I know that if I didn’t agree with something, I wouldn’t have a cheap shot taken at me in the comments after I would leave one.

So of course, we must talk about the weblog itself. The author, Jody, is trying to become a screen writer and a film maker. He has worked as a social worker, and has experienced quite a bit that life has to offer.

His posts are typically about some “hot topic” in the media. Current discussions involve the Catholic Church and all of that jazz. His stances on topics are very similar to mine, of being open to many different ideas, and then after weighing all the different arguments for all sides of the debate, then he makes a decision. It is very clear, that Jody is very well educated, and proves so in how he goes about writing his posts.

He likes to take posts in his comments and turn them into main posts, rather than have a huge discussion in his comments. I think he does this because the comments left are not your typical comments like “Wow, nice post.” and that sort of stuff. Instead, they are debates, on his views which of course can be very lengthy.

The design of the site is simple. It is of course, just a blogger template, but it isn’t an over used one. At first, I thought it was an original design because so few people are using the template. It is almost as if the template was designed for this site. That is how well it fits with the weblog.

Over all I had an interesting time at Naked Writing. The views are not for the weak of heart, and as I said before, this site isn’t for everyone. I could relate to a lot of the information provided because of classes that I am currently taking, and how I view different things in life. I try not to put any political view into writing a review, but when a site like this one comes around, you almost have no choice. So if you are open to many different things, then you may or may not enjoy this site. However, if you are a conservative, then you should not visit this site, as your views will not be shared with this site. As stated above, where this site should be categorized, was difficult, but personal is where it stands, because, just like this site, it is just one person’s view.
Naked Writing

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