Review 1445

“Halfway Between” is an appropriate title for this blog. It’s halfway between a good blog and a great blog. Upon arriving at the site I found a Greymatter blog with a few links, a lengthy archive of posts, and some mildly interesting content.

Most of Brett’s posts are short and sweet, and his style seems to imply that he feels his readers are his friends, which I liked. Unfortunately, “short and sweet” doesn’t necessarily make for “captivating” most of the time. I noticed a LOT of one or two sentence entries, which can be annoying when you are looking for real meaty content.

Aside from that, I think that if you know Brett and have been reading his blog from the beginning (he’s had the current version since March 2001) that you’d probably be a daily visitor. But if you are just coming to it now, like me, you’d hope for a little more content to keep you coming back.

The design of the site is basic enough and can’t be faulted – two columns, one with links, the other with the blog. The color scheme is easy on the eye as well. With a bit more tweaking, this site can leave behind the realm of “Halfway Between” and become the great blog it’s meant to be. Halfway Between If & When

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