Review 1438

A.J.’s a Criminal Justice student in Arizona, and from the originating post to this weblog, readers can experience the drama and escapades of living in a college dormitory. The things that go on in A.J.’s life are interesting, and he does a very nice job of making readers seem as if they’re really right there. That makes this a fun site to read.

Ruminations is a very casual weblog. Reading through the archives, I felt like the site was very friendly and that A.J. is generally the type of person who can make conversation with anyone. The posts that you read here are almost like you’re hearing A.J.’s side of the conversation talking about the particular happenings that are being written about.

Summer posting is a bit sporadic, but A.J.’s got a yardwork job that’s been filling up most of the summer days. As evident in the entries made during the school year, the posting will probably (or at least I’m assuming) become more consistent as the school year rolls around once again.

As far as the design goes, it’s another one of those convenient Blogger templates. But I think A.J. puts it into some very plain and simple words that explain the point of his weblog quite clearly: “This blog has a simple layout, no flashy colors, no links to “MUST SEE WEBSITES”. Nothing to give it a flashy appearance, ‘cause I’m a down-to-earth guy most of the time, and like the words to speak for themselves.” Mission accomplished. A.J.’s words do speak for themselves.

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