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I am in love – in love with Eric’s photography. Due to his near obsession with taking pictures, viewers are treated to VERY frequent weblog entries in which several photographs are available to browse through. Scenery, people, abstract shots – they’re all simply amazing. And my regards were that high for Eric’s photography even before I found out his shots have been published in various mediums.

While drooling the fine quality of pictures Eric has displayed everywhere, I also read the weblog and browsed through the rest of the extensive site.

The weblog is laid out very well, with it being easy to distinguish between entries and find my way around. With the author’s active life, it makes for an entertaining weblog. Trips to San Francisco, eating in NYC and running into people like Conon O’Brien and Danny Devito – they’re entertaining events, and Eric does a great job describing them to his viewing audience.

The bio section is one of the best I’ve seen. Eric has a rundown of how he’s grown up, from 1977 until now, in a slideshow type format that shows some MAJOR changed – definitely excellent ones, to say the least! I laughed out loud at the scanned handwritten note Eric’s younger sister wrote about him during their squabbling elementary school days.

I had a good time at this site. The pictures, as I’ve mentioned before, were amazing. Those alone are enough to make a person come back again and again.ECHENG.COM

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