Review 1431

It’s a been a long time since I’ve read a site where I got a good feel for who the writer is and I think I got a pretty good idea of who Eric Cheng is.

After reading this site, I was just blown away at all the stuff I was finding about Eric who’s the creator of “” I first was introduced to one of his many passions, photography; specifically digital photography.

He’s a Stanford graduate living in San Francisco who seems to be enjoying his life. What I really enjoyed about his site is the fact he has a life away from the computer. Yes, some of us don’t have much of a life away from our computer, but Eric has so many interests, I’m surprised he has the energy and time to run a personal website.

The blog itself is pretty good. I mostly liked it for the photos he adds to his posts, but that might be because I have strong interest in photography. In addition to photos, you get to know what’s going on in his life, who has dropped in to town for a few days to visit, computer woes, and so on. His writing reads pretty neutral to me, which is fine. Some might and might not like that.

Other perks about this site is there’s a lot for you to learn about Eric. He has an “interest” page, which contains information about his friends, his music (he’s a cello player), photography of course, which I must say is fantastic for digital, traveling and more.

There’s an overwhelming amount of information on this site, which can definitely be cut down and seems to take over the blog itself. Other than that, I think this is one jam, packed site that’s worthy of a visit.

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