Review 1427

::excess:memory:: has a super clean, easy navigable design. Employing a combination of hyperlinks and a drop down menu, there is no confusion as to where the user can go or how they can get there. My only problem was that the drop down menu never took me where I wanted to go. I tried moving from the blog to the gallery and wound up back at the blog. I had to head back to the home page and move from there. Maybe I needed to wait and the page would have taken me there directly, however, not being a patient person, I clicked “go” and wasn’t too happy to be running in circles.

The nice orange and white color combo is easy on the eyes and, am I mistaken, or is that an artichoke in the logo? Oh wait…now it’s a watch on this screen…cool…I’m totally digging it!

Our 37 year old British author has a widely varied background. His “about me” page goes into detail about our author’s life history sprinkled with pictures from his past. He was an adorable five year – I can attest to that!

As for the blog itself, the writer has a wonderful tongue in cheek attitude. It goes from commenting on the World Cup soccer musings of the “local crack addicts and muggers” to a pretty insightful commentary on plagiarism in the arts. You really get this author’s use of humor and sarcasm and know when he’s being funny and being serious. It’s sometimes a hard line to define but in this case the line is very clear.

Although the author’s gallery showcases some wonderful pictures, my favorite part about this site is the Random Excess Memory Project. Here the author places a word such as “anger” and requests that the readers respond with what memories that word brings up for them. I have to admit it’s something new and brings a nice interactive side to the blog that you don’t see as much or, at the very least, in this format.

All in all, ::excess:memory:: is a great trip. If I could get an explanation as to how the drop down menu works that would be great. But, regardless…the trip is more than worth it!

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