Review 1427

This isn’t the type of weblog where you’re completely lost if you just happen to stumble upon it one day. Mick’s entries range from information about what’s going on in his personal life to what’s happenings in the news, with various other topics scattered throughout.

Mick’s one smart cookie, but also a funny guy. As always, that makes for a nice combination when reading each weblog entry.

The site design is very clean, functional, and looks good all the way around.

Aside from the weblog, there’s a really great photo gallery section that houses some really nice-looking, professional quality photographs – and they’re fun to look at, too. The obligatory “about” section is there, which is always a biggie on sites I review.

There’s humor, there’s news, there’s a nice design, and there’s just about everything else you can think of that would make you come back time and time again to Mick’s Excessmemory. You know, and I’ve finally found someone else that agrees with the idea of Coke tasting different coming from a can as opposed to coming from a bottle!excessmemory

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