Review 1424

Currently on hiatus for the month of August, “Afterhours in the Juniverse” still provides you with plenty of well written entries in the archived section of the site. Dating back to April 1, 2002, June always has something written that’s very thought out and very stimulating to the mind.

The majority of the entries made provide links to external sites – sometimes to further one’s knowledge on the subject at hand or other times just to provide more information so the reader can grasp a full handle on what exactly is being touched on. The way June writes makes you want to understand the topic being covered.

The design for this site is clean and simple. It’s easy to navigate, very self-explanatory, and nice to look at. Where a layout is concerned, it’s hard to get much better than that.

This probably isn’t a weblog for the average reader – you’re not going to form any personal bonds with the author of this site just by reading the daily posts. I don’t think that’s what June is aiming for, though. If you come to “Afterhours in the Juniverse” expecting to have your brain fueled up with information you’ve never heard before, then you’ve come to the right place.

June writes wonderfully. As I said before, the way it’s written, makes the readers (at least it did me) want to find out more and fully understand the post that’s being made. The site is worth checking out just to see if the subject matters that are discussed are something that intrigues you. And if that’s the case, you’ll certainly have found a weblog that you’ll enjoy visiting time and time again.

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