Review 1417

There’s a lot to this site, all of which can be navigated through with the menu box along the side of the weblog frame. I was able to learn a great deal about Scott just by checking out those available links.

The site layout works well in any screen resolution, and all the links in the menu box to the side opened up in the center frame just as they were should. Sometimes the gray text was a bit hard to read on the slightly lighter gray background, but overall, Scott does a good job with it.

The archived section is set up rather uniquely. You can personally decide which way you’d like to go through the archives of the site, which would be very convenient if you were looking for something in particular that dealt with a specific subject matter.

I stereotype very badly when it comes to reading weblogs that belong to anyone under the age of 18. I only stereotype from having had dreadful experiences with those types of weblogs. Scott and the entire Psypheria site proved my stereotyping to be dead wrong in this case.

I like Scott’s satirical nature when discussing worldly events. He obviously follows the news somewhat, and has intelligent thoughts and opinions that he wants to share. Scott’s a Dilbert fan, and frequently shares Dilbert cartoons with his readers.

There was an issue I read in the archives of the site about Scott supposedly “dumbing things down” for his readers, or to not appear so intelligent to the outside world. But just as Scott’s response to the issue says: “If you don’t like my ideas, or how I write, stop reading.

This is a good weblog to read. You learn a ton about the author just through reading the journal entries, and that makes readers (myself included) want to come back and read more.

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