Review 1410 opened up to a nice display. I’m a big fan of people who know how to use color without making it look garish or disgusting. The nice varying shades of blue was a nice entrance that made you feel somewhat welcomed into the life of Avi Flombaum.

Sadly, upon venturing through the blog itself, it was less on quality content as much as it was big on trying to make itself seem as funny and entertaining as the writer himself would like us to see him.

There are only two blog entries under the “Daily Dose” column. For something that is supposed to be a “Daily Dose,” it’s odd that almost two weeks past between the only two entries on the page. In fact, if the link to the archives is supposed to be active it’s not. There are just the two blog entries – the second of which apologizes that he has not written more often.

There are plenty of places to go on the site. From Flombaum’s own writing (The Mystery of Bathrooms was a fun read) to his artwork (I loved that yellow flower picture) this seems to be the heart and soul of Perhaps this should be more of an artistic blog where our author focuses on his creative endeavors with the occasional shout out to let us know what is going on with his life.

Other links include Avi’s webcam which I did try but no picture came up. In fact, the window that should have popped up at least show me that nothing was on didn’t even active. Perhaps it’s my slow as molasses PC.

Overall, the design of helps override the lack of blog content. Once our intrepid author decides which stance he wants to take on this site, I think it deserves another review.
Flombaum Dot Com

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