Review 1402

Something about this site caught my attention from the beginning. I couldn’t place my finger on it, and after reading all of the posts, I still am not able to quite put my finger on it. But hopefully while writing this review, I will think of it.

So the design of the site is pink, and lots of it. Not that bad, considering I really don’t like the color pink. The design of the site could be used with any color, and it would look cool. Maybe that is why I liked the design, because I knew it could easily swap colors and it would be good. Maybe adding one of those color switcher css code things would be helpful, but maybe not. I had two minor problems with the site design, the first being that there was an iframe in the center of the big box. Nothing too annoying, as I just had to click inside the box in order for my scroll mouse and down arrow key to go down, but still, something that annoys me. The other thing that needs to be fixed is her permalinks. They all reference her C: drive, particularly her macromedia directory. That should be fixed.

But moving onto the weblog itself. The author is of Malaysian decent and currently lives in the UK. She posts about her daily life stuff, as it happens. Some days have a lot of stuff going on, while others, do not. It all depends on her mood.

Her writing style is rather interesting, probably because of her background. Being that I am from the US, I speak a different version of English, than the people in the UK do. Nothing major, but you can notice subtle differences. Also, the author doesn’t seem to like the shift key, as nothing is capitalized. No big deal, but it can be somewhat distracting if you are not used to seeing this.

Overall the site is an enjoyable read. I still can’t quite place my finger on what it was that captured my interest, but I think it has to do with her reminding me of a friend from a long time ago. I know it isn’t the friend, but there are a lot of similar qualities. The 3.5 rating is because it is better than your average weblog, but doesn’t have anything completely unique. Yes there is the photo section, but nothing that struck me as wow, this site is a lot better for having this section.

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