Review 1392

Entering the site of eightface was pretty interesting. The design of the site was nice and clean, which made me more interested in what was going on with it.

Unfortunately the weblog itself isn’t near as good as the design is. Most of the posts are short little posts about what happened that day, be it school, or work. He has seen lots of movies, which he always lets us know in a post when he has seen one. Most recent posts are about his job at a golf course, and are not all that interesting.

The quality of writing was there though. You could tell that there was more to the author than what he was posting about. Almost like he was either holding back in his posts, or he was being held back. Some of the posts read just like they were posted for postings sake, which isn’t all that great.

But then I found the gem of the site, and that is his written section. He writes for one of his school’s publications, and has a lot of ability. The things he writes here are short little stories that are supposed to be funny. Most of them are, and I was laughing quite a bit. His ability to write is clearly shown in this section of his site.

Over all, the blog is nothing to take home to mom. Just your typical “I did this” or “I did that” type posts, which are fairly repetitive. The writing section is worth visiting this site for, and I hope the author continues to write those short stories even though school is out.