Review 1375 opens up on a nice green background for the main page with a dark blue background for the actual text itself. It’s a nice color combination that made me go…wow, I kinda like it. Even better was the Hamster Cam! This is the first blog I have ever seen that has a webcam of any kind on it. This webcam is dedicated to his hamster named Fluffy. Granted I didn’t get to see Fluffy in action (and actually I paused and waited, refreshing my screen on a regular basis just for the chance that I could see Fluffy. But, no. My hopes were dashed.

When I first started reading the blog itself and delved into the archives I was kinda surprised that some of the entries were so short. Some were even just a few words. If anything I was thinking that this was one concise weblog. But I noticed something when I moved my mouse to venture to another portion of the blog — the dates are actually links to the longer, more in depth entries. I wish I had known this sooner…it would have saved me some time and frustration.

Now, when you actually delve into the entries themselves, they are a pretty cool read. You can tell that the author is a pretty laid back guy who is getting some fun out of life. Even better, this guy has movie reviews. Granted I might not agree with some of his assessments but I have to admit they were a fun read.

Design-wise, is a clean site. With my only complaint being that it took me about five minutes to realize that the dates were links to the actual entries, I have to say that will provide you with a nice clean ride. Well defined links that don’t lead you astray and a forum where you can vent your disgust, love, or something in between makes a nice visit.

Now where the heck is Fluffy?

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