Review 1369

Quick, think of a 16 year old male and what do you think of? I am almost positive that at least one quality about your 16 year old that you thought of this one has.

Alex is your standard high school student. He has some interest in school stuff, and has your standard share of classes, and of course, likes video games, and his computer. Not to mention his liking of the NBA.

Most of the posts are just short little blurbs about what is going on that day in his life. Every now and then, he throws up a random link which leads to some interesting sites.

Unfortunately the program he uses to publish his weblog isn’t up to par for him. He had to take away his archives, and his comments for his site, which is somewhat harmful to a weblog to remove. He did put up 30 entries for me to read, but I still did not have access to the 1 year, 3 months worth of posts, I would like to have had. He is however, looking into using a different weblog tool, which he will hopefully get up and running soon.

He has a pretty sweet design going for his site. I really liked it, even though it is just black, white, and shades of gray, it works very well. There are plenty of external links which makes the site even more valuable.

Considering in one of the posts, the author mentioned how he has been on the web for almost four years, and this site he has kept open for the longest out of all of the ones he has had. The site, in time, will grow, just as the author will and should prove to be an interesting read if the author keeps the site running. My only complaint really was the lack of archives, which really adds a lot more to a site than I realized it would. Hopefully he will find some way to transfer all the old archives to his new tool that he decides to use.

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