Review 1368

First impression; flash intro, never my thing. Generally not blessed with that desirable trait of patience I frequently shut sites down with slow loading and seemingly pointless flash. On this occasion I thought it only fair to sit through it and wait. In their defence there was an option to skip the intro, an option I took the second time I loaded it only to be presented with a second page and an “entry image”. I never quite see the point in these things.

When you eventually pass through the flash introduction and pretty images of falling snow the site design isn’t that bad, it’s very simple and understated. Quite clearly it is designed with the smaller screens in mind, leaving a great wedge of yellow at the side of anyone with a large monitor. A minor misdemor by all accounts.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the blog, I had a feeling it may well be a personal blog – I refer to as a journal rather than a blog, and I was pretty much right by all accounts. It’s a conglomeration of journal entries, random links and personality tests, nothing unique but no less worthy than any other. It was easy to navigate and the blog itself was nicely designed and easy to read.

I noticed in passing that some of the entries were encrypted, requiring a password to read. I must admit to wondering the point of all this, when quite clearly some of the passwords were displayed above the section. There may be point to it, but it eluded me.

I was left wondering if this site would appeal more to Steve’s friends and acquaintances than to random visitors, but still it remained an interesting voyage into the life of a stranger in passing. I gave this site a rating of 3, a good design despite the seemingly pointless flash introduction, an interesting journal of personal entries, the odd cool graphic, but no come back factor.

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