Review 1338

Most of the time entrance, or splash, pages tend to be an annoyance (at least to this surfer). In the instance of Ten-Fifteen, Jeremiah McVay has utilized a simple well positioned splash page to set the mood for the rest of the Site.

Upon entering the blog one is struck by the contrast of the vibrant photos against the steel blue background of a well laid out page. The photos of the ocean lapping upon soft sands were enough to make this viewer envious, being stuck in dark confines surrounded by glowing monitors.

Though an attractive Site, I was disappointed when attempting to use the “Features” drop-down only to find that it didn’t function. Further disappointment was to come when switching to the image links in the upper left-hand section of the page, those too, alas, provided an “Error on page” message.

The only way that one may view the photographs is by browsing through the “Archives” drop-down, many of which are well worth the view, though there is a degree of frustration having been teased with the potential of viewing the photos by category instead of by event.

Ten-Fifteen, once one manages to overcome any frustration at the non-functioning technical aspects, is worth visiting for to view some of the entertaining and interesting images with which Jeremiah provides his visitors.


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