Review 1334

I was hoping that when I read this site I would get to know a lot about the writer and where he was coming from, but I felt the site lacked that a bit.

I was pleased with the layout; it was a nice blue and white scheme. It’s easy to navigate through and easy to find things. I was a bit disappointed with the photos page since the only way to view the images is to sign up for an account at to view his images which is a bit of a hassle for readers.

Adam’s a 22 year-old student who describes himself as “quiet, shy and afraid of public speaking although I can be quite funny once you get to know me” in his “about” section of his site. He’s easily amused as he says, specifically to which he points his readers to a post he did back in February which I enjoyed reading.

On to the blog portion of the site. The posts were okay in the beginning and I began reading through the archives from the beginning of this year. I could relate to some of the things he was sharing, like moving and being a college student in search of some privacy and also job hunting. I think I would have liked to hear more about him on a more personal level and for him to open up more in his writing, even if it was about the balloon which posted in February to which he said, “occasionally I will have witty or insightful stories to tell.” That was really the only post that stood out to me.

The site’s okay, though it would get big boost if he would open up a little more; I know it’s hard when you’re shy. Over all, it’s a 3.Undefined

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