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I liked reading through this weblog for several reasons. The main reason, I think, was that it was simple to read. The author’s entries were short, but they were fun to read. He has a sense of humor that he applies towards current events or just random images and/or links he’s found on the internet.

Most of the entries posted are based upon links found throughout the internet. This has its pros and cons. The main pro is simply that anyone can jump anywhere in the site and not feel like they don’t have an idea of what’s going on. The main con is the fact that you don’t get to know a lot about the author through this type of posting. Luckily, that doesn’t affect the outcome of this weblog, and is still one that I would recommend visiting for a good laugh.

The site design is the only thing average on this site. The different shades of blue that are used all look very nice together. It’s a standard three-column layout – the first being a column full of external links to different websites, the middle column is where you find the weblog, and the column to the far right of the site seems to be the start of a novel of some sort. There’s a ton of words throughout the site and sometimes it gets a bit tedious to focus on one particular column of words.

I would have loved to read more at Made in the Dark. With the author and his wife having seven kids, I would imagine that even posting once a month isn’t the simplest task in the world. The posts that have been made, however, are definitely a treat to read.

Made in the Dark

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