Review 1319

Upon entering through a well designed splash page one is struck by the highly patriotic (American patriotic, that is) nature of the imagery of Kim’s FragileSin blog.

A moment later one is hit by the pop up advertisement. I realize (or hopefully assume) that these pop ups, that continue to pop up regardless of whether or not you’ve seen it already (don’t they know how to use cookies?), are not Kim’s fault, they still do manage to detract from the overall pleasure of the visit.

Prepared for a Buddhist-like read upon reading, “… so spend the moments smiling and just push the anger away in favor of kindness and good vibes.” the further I read I found that Kim’s patriotic imagery and positive karma were not based on blind views as she was able to rise up with a strong opinionated voice that she summarized as follows, “I’d rather be a free ass than a domesticated, oblivious sheep.”

An enjoyable blog that Kim has interspersed with images and photos on a well laid out attractive Site.

Fragile Sin

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