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Most blogs you read on the internet are not done by published writers, but just your average person who wants to express themselves. However, this site strays away from your “average” blog.

Aldo Alvarez is the executive editor and publisher of Blithe House Quarterly and has also written the book “Interesting Monsters” which was published in 2001. His site gives off a different feel than other sites; it gives you a glimpse of the life of a writer.

His blog contains stuff about what’s going on in his life at the moment, to emails and letters he receives from people who have read his book, to experiences about being gay to whatever else might be on his mind. I found his blog pretty entertaining and a nice change from other personal weblogs you find on the internet.

Other things you’ll find on the site are mostly centered and related to his book. The layout’s okay, though I got a little confused with the navigation.

What I liked most about this site is Aldo seemed quite social and open to questions and comments he receives from his readers. His writing comes off engaging, especially when he tells stories and things he’s experienced.

Overall, it’s a pretty good site.
Aa’s Blog : Aldo Alvarez

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