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The Book of Paige opens up to a nice design with a funky logo in script writing. It’s a simple blue and white design that’s easy to navigate and all of the links appear to work cleanly. It’s easy to get to what Paige is reading, listening to, etc. The links are clearly defined on the right with no guesswork needed.

As for the actual blog entries, Paige has a nice way of incorporating humor with serious topics. Case in point, Paige references a woman who hit a homeless person who was, pretty much, impaled himself on her windshield and she ignored his please and cries for help. Paige shows her own personal contempt for this woman’s actions by giving the woman a little jab in describing some of the “important” things the woman needed to accomplish prior to reporting the homeless person in her windshield. Each entry was a wonderful read and you learn a lot of about our author.

I only have two small complaints. First, Paige needs to invest in archiving her posts. Having posts that go back about three months all on one page meant (for this guy on one slow PC with a dial up connection) that I had to wait to start reading some of the entries. Archives are our friends.

Second, the opening page has, what I assume to be, the post of that specific day. I think I would have preferred more entries over the plethora of links to webrings and such. Also, I think there might be too much space between the links which spoils the “clean” design I liked above.

But like I said, those are small complaints. I really enjoyed reading The Book of Paige and think that it’s a worthy read.
The Book of Paige

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