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“The Book of Paige” is quite a vocal and opinioned blog which some might and might not like.

Pagie is a fiction writer who’s been a lacto-ovo vegetarian for the past 12 years. She goes on to share some more personal things on her about page which you can read for yourself …

The layout’s pretty plain; different shades of gray framing the content of the site itself. You of course have your usual links to the about page, archives and so on.

From what I sensed from reading the blog is Paige seems a bit cynical in her writing. She talks about some personal things, but with a twist of sarcasm, which sometimes comes off like she’s not being rude about what she’s talking about … I almost want to say she’s bitter but that’s going a bit far. She discusses things going on, like one of the posts she did about when it seemed like her house was falling apart; sad but amusing to read. Other posts sometimes have little quotes she likes from a writer which are often good reads.

“The Book of Paige” is an okay site. Her humor isn’t something which all will like and even though I enjoy sarcasm, it was a bit much for me on this site. But it’s nice to read a site where the person isn’t afraid to express themselves on whatever topic it is.
The Book of Paige

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