Review 1294

Not much has changed since I last reviewed The Book of Paige. She did get a much better design which was needed as I said in my previous review of her site.

This time her design is a simple grey column in the center with her weblog in that and a white background everywhere else. The color of the grey is both too dark and too light at the same time, as some of the text blends in, as well as the links which are in white.

The writing now seems to be more personal. I mentioned in the earlier review that I thought I would find an “in-depth” look into her life, and now it is starting to be so. What she writes is very heart felt, and you can tell that she puts a lot into it.

On the minus side, her views are her views which you may or may not agree with. I had a hard time connecting to her, and I don’t exactly know why. The only thing I can think of is something that she had mentioned on her site.

She recently wrote about going out with her girls every Friday night. And how she never realized how much alcohol played a part in the events that took place. But now that she is married and older, she realizes that she may not have made the best decisions. Maybe for me since I am married and older, I do not try to connect as much anymore. But then again, it could be something else.

Over all Paige is doing a great job with her site. She got the design in order, but I still feel it could be improved upon. Her writing is amazing, and you would be a fool not to go and visit her site.
The Book of Paige

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