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The Book of Paige. What an interesting title for your weblog. I some what expected to have almost an in-depth look into Paige’s life based on this title.

The page loads, and has a rather bland design. The links are images (of words) that are rather big and are given as much space as the blog is on the front page. There is a lot of white space all around in this design, which makes it not seem as fluid to me. Also below everything is a lot of different webrings, and things that I think the author just didn’t know where else to place them. Finally, the front page only has two (though an earlier reviewer noted only one) posts on the front page.

But this isn’t The Weblog Design Review, it is the Weblog Review. So onto the weblog. As I was reading all of the posts, I felt like either I was missing something, or the weblog was missing something. She posts about things going on in her life like most people do. However, her posts have a fair amount of thought in them, and they can make you think about things yourself. My favorite posts were the ones where she is actually forcing you, the reader, to think about issues. Even if the issue is something small in her life, and not a global issue, these posts were the most interesting to me.

After finishing the entire weblog, I was still left with that feeling of something not there. The closest I can come to describing what I think it is, has to go back to the design of the site. To me, the weblog read find, and was fluid, but the site didn’t give off the same vibe.

Over all, we have a great blog, where the design of the site actually played a big role. This site has a lot of good in it, but lacks an overall fluidness to really bring it home. If all you are concerned about is the text, then you have a fantastic site, but if the entire site plays a part in your decision, then this might not be the one for you.
The Book of Paige

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