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Compare life to an Etch-a-Sketch for a second. Bet you never thought about how easy it would be if you could control your life like you did an Etch-a-Sketch when you were a kid. I hadn’t either, until I read Paige’s recount of it. I liked that concept a lot – if you shake it up hard enough, you can start fresh.

The written delivery of several of Paige’s weblog entries are written with an ingeniously clever approach. There’s just the perfect balance of wit and sarcasm scattered throughout each entry, and personally, that’s the kind of thing I like to find in a weblog.

There aren’t too many of life’s more serious issues being heavily touched upon in The Book of Paige, but that’s certainly not a bad thing. Of course, with the previous statement, I’m certainly not trying to make light of the ultimate bad haircut, triscuits in the laundry hamper, or trauma of buying a magnet for one’s plastic Saturn car – all of which can be found in reading this weblog.

Paige is an editor. This is a good thing. I very much enjoyed not having to wade through asinine shortened spellings of words like “cuz” and “b/4”, or wondering where I might find some punctuation. Intelligence is such a lovely thing, and there’s certainly a prevalent dose here.

None of my complaints are at all relative with the content of the site, but with the cosmetic appearance. When I open up the page, I immediately get a Javascript error. The site was designed for viewing on nothing less than a 1024 x 768 screen resolution.

The relatively new weblog isn’t archived at all Hopefully, the site will continue to expand in length, but as entries continue to be added, the site might take a while to load.

This is a fun site to read. The site isn’t “overposted” to, and there’s certainly something entertaining for nearly everyone. After spending time throughout the entire site, I really felt like I got to know the author’s personality and sense of humor, both of which I think I’ll be getting more regular doses of by continuing to visit this site.The Book of Paige

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