Review 1264

First let me start by saying that any website that has a Buffy quote as a tagline is aces in my book.

I liked the way this blog is designed. A nice simple color scheme, a nice clean blog space, and good organization. Kimberly has a nice grasp on web design and did a great job with her blog.

Having said that, I had hoped the content would be a bit more than it was. Her links to the “contact me” and “about me” page were blank, and the only way I found out about her was to click into her business page and click on the “about me” page listed there. Hopefully she’ll update that soon for those who only visit her blog.

As for the blog itself, her entries consist of a lot of links to other sites, but she also has some nice personal posts among those. From a look at her archives she’s only been blogging since July 10, but according to her very first post it sounds as though she’s done it before. So while content is short as of now, I hope that in the future there will be a lot more there.

For now I took off points for missing pages and lack of content, but I easily see erraticfrog’s rating going up once Kimberly reestablishes her website and continues to post.erraticfrog

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