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The color brown washes over you when you enter the Boston Dyke Log. The traditionally blue links, and there are many, vibrate jarringly against the brown. The blog itself is easy-to-read black Times Roman.

The author, Gina A. Pond, describes herself as a Wiccan priest and biochemist, a single, left-of-democrat, feminist lesbian who dreams of living on an island with her coven. She uses her site to “think aloud” about political and spiritual issues, as well as lighter parts of her life. Two recent multi-paragraph postings concern the spread of AIDS in China and thoughtful musings on whether feminism is a sisterhood. An older post describes the awkward situation of being proselytized to by a relative when you have no interest in Christianity. Pond’s target audience would include feminists, lesbians, and believers in alternative spirituality, especially those who like to think aloud about the issues they confront.

The writing is clear and thoughtful. It reads as if some entries are carefully thought out and polished, while others are enthusiastically and quickly blogged. The design and content go together all right if you don’t mind lots of brown, but the archive pages are not linked to the design elements, so they don’t match the current blog page. Other than that, everything works.

One major bonus is a page of links to Pond’s stories, essays, and poems. If you like her style, you’ll enjoy reading these bold and sometimes erotic pieces. To me, though, the weblog is the most interesting part because it’s the most current.

Feminists, lesbians, and other offbeat women with an interest in activism, politics, or spiritual exploration will enjoy this site.
The BostonDyke Log

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