Review 1254 is the homepage and blog of Aussie James Turnbull — in his words, is his “play thing,” and he utilizes the full ability of his site to share his blog, founded in December 2001, among other nifty details.

With a simple, clean, and attractive design in cool shades of blue, offers a glimpse into James’s life — his blog is well written with crisp language and sufficient details about the people, places, and things that matter to him. Whether it’s a poor dining experience, an investment in technology toys, or the decision to have a child, James shares his life willingly and honestly, and that’s a refreshing experience for this humble reader. uses frames and Blogger as to structure its content, and this worked well for me. It was easy to navigate through James’s web site and his blog, with clearly delineated sections. My only complaint was that there was no way to leave comments for various blog entries.Kartar.Net

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