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The author of this weblog is a writer. I could tell that from just reading the first couple of entries. When I dove head first into the extensive archived section of the site, I realize that she does, in fact, spend the majority of her career doing editing work for different websites.

It’s hard to get to know the author on a personal basis, since there’s no “about me” section to check out. However, some weblog entries really do give you a chance to learn about how the author feels about a specific topic, or the trials and tribulations she may be going through at that time.

Texting has one of the best recounts of the events that unfolded on September 11th that I’ve read in a while. Being in New York, the descriptions she gives are obviously accurate and often chilling.

The majority of the entries are extensive in length, as well as meaning. The author has written a letter to Senator Clinton about the overwhelming power AOL/Time Warner takes upon its customers, which is an entry I found both quite purposeful and eye-opening. In Feb 2002, the author also has a very informative entry about the rights and legal issues behind domain names, which is actually a very interesting entry.

Design-wise, I’d like to see a bit more to this site. The colors of the links are hard to read, and you can’t even read the email address because the link is the same color as the background in the table the link is in. There’s an image in the title area of the site that may or may not have anything to do with the site. It’s hard to tell with the image being so small.

Without a doubt, the author of this site can write about anything. Don’t expect the average “here’s what I did today” site here, because it’s not that at all. If you’re up for some sometimes intense reading, then visit this site. You’ll be glad you did.Texting

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