Review 1235

The layout of militant veggie (no caps, as per the owner’s entry) is very simple. The green on white is relatively easy on the eyes, and given the “veggie” part of the site’s name, makes sense. Links to a wide variety of stuff are to the right.

The name “militant veggie” had me expecting something fairly witty, and it delivered. There aren’t many entries on the main page, but never fear, the archives have it covered. There is a complete lack of capital letters, which might annoy some people, but it doesn’t detract from the writing style in my opinion.

Fun extras on the sidebar include an “about” page wherein the author’s favorites are listed by each of the five senses, photography (some by the author, some not), and two sub-blogs. One is dedicated to music, the other to “little things.”

Overall, this is an interesting little blog that is good for a quick glance at the author’s life. If you were to run across it by accident, you might just as swiftly pass it by, but it’s worth taking the time to look around it.militant veggie

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