Review 1224

This website is not so much a blog as a general webpage with a bit of info on it. David is a webdesigner, so on his main page you find links to his resume, his portfolio, and his skills. That’s all well and good if I was looking for a webdesigner, but I was looking for a blog. And I didn’t find one.

The design of the site is fine enough – although I would think a web designer would have a site filled with all kinds of cool things that only designers can do. But it looked like a site that I could build (which isn’t saying much).

He does provide a link to his “thoughts”, but as opposed to finding out more about David McDonald, all I saw were links to other sites with a brief description of each site. Nothing really personal could be found here.

If you are looking for a blog (meaning an online journal or diary), I wouldn’t suggest you visit this one. If you are interesting in just surfing and looking at people’s homepages then by all means, go ahead and look.


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