Review 1205

I wasn’t quite sure how to go about interpreting this site since it’s not as straightforward as most blogs are, though I did find myself enjoy reading it.

The blog was interesting to read. The author takes snippets from different written sources ranging from the Bible, to unknown writers to more familiar writers such as Steinbeck and William Blake. You’ll also find historical references here which were neat to read since it’s not something you tend to read in blogs. Once in a while you’ll find pictures which usually refer to text, like a picture that fits a poem and so on. The site seems to be gear towards those who are well read and educated.

The layout itself is pretty simple, nothing fancy. The font could be a little bigger though. The graphics when begin to search through the archives change at the top which for some reason threw me off about where I was on the site. It might help if there was a link to the main page.

Over all, it’s a pretty good site and a nice read.

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