Review 1205

I liked the simple, tranquil design with soft gray colors right away. A row of soothing photos along the top added color. I was immediately curious about Bhikku. Is this the author’s name? The blog had been updated on July 17 with a series of what I think are electron-microscopy photos of pollen grains. Each is unique and beautiful.

I can’t find an about page, so Bhikku remains a mystery. The archive page shows an image of a modern painting. A clue about Bhikku: he or she is an art lover. Bhikku posts images of art or photography regularly. I think art lovers would like this site. Buddhists also, and those interested in Buddhism; the site contains virtual prayer wheels for your computer desktop that are worth exploring. is full of thoughtful, impressionistic writing and quotations that are quite beautiful. Recent posts include descriptions of a trip to New York City from the UK, literary quotations, and lots of art images accompanied by poetic but mysterious text. This site is a labor of love, and the author is a talented writer with a penetrating eye for beauty. The design is consistently simple and lovely, and all the links work.

I found this site impressive and felt not-quite-qualified to judge its contents in depth. I need to spend more time with it and maybe then I can slowly get to know Bhikku. Without being able to say a lot about the site, I’ll just say visit it if this description intrigues you, and you won’t be sorry. For uniqueness, beauty, and quality, I rate the site a 5.


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