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The first thing that jumped out at me on this site was the picture of a completely naked man with his entire body painted exactly like Spiderman’s outfit? Attractive? Hell no. Funny? Absolutely! So, as sick as it may sound, this weblog instantly made a big hit with me!

Even though it’s quite simple to get to know Kevin through his amusing weblog entries, I was really craving that “about” section. When the link didn’t work, I was sorely disappointed. But reading Kevin’s daily words are certainly a treat all in their own, without the typical informative biography section of the site. And you do get to know his feelings and thoughts towards different topics, which lead the reader to form your own little “about” section.

Design-wise, it’s a standard Movable Type template that’s slightly been altered to the author’s liking. The alterations made it a bit bolder then the typical MT format, and it’s a nice improvement.

NadaBlog has been around since November 2001. Up until the beginning of August 2001, Kevin has each month’s journal entries set up as one big entry summarizing the entire month. With the birth of a new baby in January (and a very cute baby girl, I might add), it’s easy to empathize with Kevin only summing up each month with one entry.

The majority of the entries and posts at Nada Blog contained the little known intelligence that sometimes gets lost when people have their own websites. Kevin’s past concern of “derection” while visiting the doctor and his recently invented “weblog creed” are just two examples of entertaining reading you’ll stumble upon at this weblog.

A new addition to Nada Blog has also just been announced. Lance, it seems, has joined the posting frenzy, and made quite a splash in my opinion with his first post listing “9 Things You Won’t Hear At Your Neighborhood Block Party. Between Kevin and Lance, there’s nothing but good things that could happen with this weblog.NadaBlog

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